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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Invisible Touch: Genesis, 1986

Seems to me that just about every so called "die-hard" Genesis fan seems to hate this album, and indeed this period of their career. But I'm not just any Genesis fan. Yes, I've got every one of their albums from 1970 to 1994 (I'm a huge fan), and yes I do like progressive rock and art rock. But this "pop" album is definitely one of their top 10 albums for me. It even has some prog (evident in "Domino" and "The Brazilian"). Yes, it does have a bunch of huge hit singles in "Invisible Touch", "In Too Deep", "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (which is an 8 minute pop/prog epic as well), "Land of Confusion", and "Throwing It All Away" and the minor hit single "Anything She Does" (surprisingly the worst song on the album) (if you notice, that's 6 hit singles. Out of 8 songs on the album...), but there's a reason they're hits. They're some of their best songs. If you like Genesis, or even one of the hits from here, check this out. It will surprise and amaze you.


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