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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party: Iggy Pop, 1981

I went into a Borders book store in Albequerque, New Mexico, looking for a good album. The selection surprisingly wasn't too bad; there were many bands that I listened to. But all of the albums that were on sale were the ones that were the forgotten albums in that band's catalog; for example, Lou Reed's "Sally Can't Dance", Queen's "Jazz", and this album, Iggy Pop's "Party". Thanks to an iPhone, I was able to look up "Party" to see its reviews. They were pretty average, but despite that I decided to buy the album anyway (it turned out that due to a store promotion I could get 5 dollars off of anything if I bought something; my dad got a book and I got "Party", which happened to cost exactly $4.99). As I got into our car, I put on the CD, and out blasted the opening track, "Pleasure". This was Iggy like I'd never heard him before; this was his best song since "Lust For Life". It got better too; the album is full of surprisingly good songs. Just about every song is great, with only "Happy Man" falling short (although it fell very very short). Although the highlights are "Pleasure", "Bang Bang", "Eggs On a Plate", and "Pumping For Jill", every other song is good (there's even a cover of the jazz standard "One For My Baby"! Iggy Pop doing an awesome jazz song!). If you like Iggy Pop and you like new wave then this is definitely for you. If you just like Iggy Pop then you should go for "Lust For Life" and "New Values" first, and then this. But this is really one of Iggy's best and most consistent releases. A-

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