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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Idiot: Iggy Pop, 1977

In 1976, the name Iggy Pop was (in his own words) "synonymous with shit". But with the help of his best friend David Bowie, by 1977 his life was back on track and he was a star again (although an underground star). Although "The Idiot" is more a David Bowie and Iggy Pop album rather than just an Iggy album, it's a great one at that. The songs have the highly experimental flavor of Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy" ("Low" [1977], "Heroes" [1977], "Lodger" [1979]) but they are distinctly Iggy. The first three tracks, ("Sister Midnight", "Nightclubbing", "Funtime") are the most accessible of the album, and are a great start. But "Baby" is a strange industrial pop track that changes the mood of the album, and "China Girl" (it would later be done by Bowie for his 1983 album "Let's Dance" and made into a huge worldwide hit) is a good attempt at a straightforward love song. Then comes "Dum Dum Boys", Iggy's tribute to the members of his first band The Stooges, my favorite of the album. This is followed by the sad, slightly jazzy "Tiny Girls", which seems like it has to do with suicide. The album ends with the industrial rocker "Mass Production", which opens with a minute of an ambient landscape with industrial horns blaring in the background.

This album is a must have for fans of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, or just art rock in general.

Rating: A-

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