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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Field Day: Marshall Crenshaw, 1983

Marshall Crenshaw's debut 1982 album "Marshall Crenshaw" marked the return of 50's and 60's pop rock to the music scene; Crenshaw was the head of it all. With a succesful debut behind him, he returned to the studio with his band and producer Steve Lillywhite (Lillywhite was known at the time for producing XTC, Peter Gabriel, and U2, and would become famous for producing R.E.M. and later [and more succesful] U2 albums). Although the finished result is a lot different from the debut, it's a lot better. Although criticised by some for the huge drum sound Lillywhite brought to the record, I think it adds a good quality to the album. This is one of the closest examples of a perfect album I've ever heard. Only one song is sub-par from the rest ("What Time Is It?") and even that song is pretty good. Ranging from the instant classics ("Whenever You're On My Mind", "Our Town", "For Her Love", "Monday Morning Rock", Hold It") to the ones that take some listening to be loved ("Try", "One Day With You", "One More Reason"), this album, in the end, provides one of the best musical investments you can make.

As a sidenote, famous music critic Robert Christgau gave this album an A+ as well. Although I will forever be mad at him for giving my favorite Genesis albums Cs (Cs?!!! Come on Christgau!!!! How could you give "Foxtrot" a C?!!!), I like him more seeing that he can at least love this.

A+ (I use letter grades now)

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