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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have an album!

I have released an album!
After a summer of recording, a hasty 2 days of photgraphy and production, and a day of preparation, I have completed my first collection of recorded output.

If you would like to hear it, go to
I have it available there for free download, and online listening.
If you would like a physical copy, contact me at .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall: Coldplay, 2011

The first sneak peek of Coldplay's upcoming album, this song may shed the style of "Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends", but it does show that reuniting with Brian Eno was a great idea. Although it isn't yet a commercial smash (entered the US top 100 at 29), I get the feeling it'll be up a lot higher soon. A catchy synth riff courtesy of Eno, catchy lyrics, great vocals; this song shows that Coldplay won't disappoint when they return.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

King of Limbs: Radiohead, 2011

I'm a pretty big Radiohead fan as of late.
So when this came out I checked it out.
It's not that it's different from other stuff; it's just that it seems rushed to me.
It has its moments. "Little By Little", "Seperator", and "Lotus Flower" are pretty good.
But some of the other stuff seems like they just threw some samples that were in the same tempo together to see what would happen (see "Bloom"). And that's what drags it down. With some songs I have no idea what's going on (see "Morning Mr. Magpie").
I like Radiohead; this just is not for me at the moment.


Invisible Touch: Genesis, 1986

Seems to me that just about every so called "die-hard" Genesis fan seems to hate this album, and indeed this period of their career. But I'm not just any Genesis fan. Yes, I've got every one of their albums from 1970 to 1994 (I'm a huge fan), and yes I do like progressive rock and art rock. But this "pop" album is definitely one of their top 10 albums for me. It even has some prog (evident in "Domino" and "The Brazilian"). Yes, it does have a bunch of huge hit singles in "Invisible Touch", "In Too Deep", "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (which is an 8 minute pop/prog epic as well), "Land of Confusion", and "Throwing It All Away" and the minor hit single "Anything She Does" (surprisingly the worst song on the album) (if you notice, that's 6 hit singles. Out of 8 songs on the album...), but there's a reason they're hits. They're some of their best songs. If you like Genesis, or even one of the hits from here, check this out. It will surprise and amaze you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Party: Iggy Pop, 1981

I went into a Borders book store in Albequerque, New Mexico, looking for a good album. The selection surprisingly wasn't too bad; there were many bands that I listened to. But all of the albums that were on sale were the ones that were the forgotten albums in that band's catalog; for example, Lou Reed's "Sally Can't Dance", Queen's "Jazz", and this album, Iggy Pop's "Party". Thanks to an iPhone, I was able to look up "Party" to see its reviews. They were pretty average, but despite that I decided to buy the album anyway (it turned out that due to a store promotion I could get 5 dollars off of anything if I bought something; my dad got a book and I got "Party", which happened to cost exactly $4.99). As I got into our car, I put on the CD, and out blasted the opening track, "Pleasure". This was Iggy like I'd never heard him before; this was his best song since "Lust For Life". It got better too; the album is full of surprisingly good songs. Just about every song is great, with only "Happy Man" falling short (although it fell very very short). Although the highlights are "Pleasure", "Bang Bang", "Eggs On a Plate", and "Pumping For Jill", every other song is good (there's even a cover of the jazz standard "One For My Baby"! Iggy Pop doing an awesome jazz song!). If you like Iggy Pop and you like new wave then this is definitely for you. If you just like Iggy Pop then you should go for "Lust For Life" and "New Values" first, and then this. But this is really one of Iggy's best and most consistent releases. A-

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Idiot: Iggy Pop, 1977

In 1976, the name Iggy Pop was (in his own words) "synonymous with shit". But with the help of his best friend David Bowie, by 1977 his life was back on track and he was a star again (although an underground star). Although "The Idiot" is more a David Bowie and Iggy Pop album rather than just an Iggy album, it's a great one at that. The songs have the highly experimental flavor of Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy" ("Low" [1977], "Heroes" [1977], "Lodger" [1979]) but they are distinctly Iggy. The first three tracks, ("Sister Midnight", "Nightclubbing", "Funtime") are the most accessible of the album, and are a great start. But "Baby" is a strange industrial pop track that changes the mood of the album, and "China Girl" (it would later be done by Bowie for his 1983 album "Let's Dance" and made into a huge worldwide hit) is a good attempt at a straightforward love song. Then comes "Dum Dum Boys", Iggy's tribute to the members of his first band The Stooges, my favorite of the album. This is followed by the sad, slightly jazzy "Tiny Girls", which seems like it has to do with suicide. The album ends with the industrial rocker "Mass Production", which opens with a minute of an ambient landscape with industrial horns blaring in the background.

This album is a must have for fans of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, or just art rock in general.

Rating: A-

Field Day: Marshall Crenshaw, 1983

Marshall Crenshaw's debut 1982 album "Marshall Crenshaw" marked the return of 50's and 60's pop rock to the music scene; Crenshaw was the head of it all. With a succesful debut behind him, he returned to the studio with his band and producer Steve Lillywhite (Lillywhite was known at the time for producing XTC, Peter Gabriel, and U2, and would become famous for producing R.E.M. and later [and more succesful] U2 albums). Although the finished result is a lot different from the debut, it's a lot better. Although criticised by some for the huge drum sound Lillywhite brought to the record, I think it adds a good quality to the album. This is one of the closest examples of a perfect album I've ever heard. Only one song is sub-par from the rest ("What Time Is It?") and even that song is pretty good. Ranging from the instant classics ("Whenever You're On My Mind", "Our Town", "For Her Love", "Monday Morning Rock", Hold It") to the ones that take some listening to be loved ("Try", "One Day With You", "One More Reason"), this album, in the end, provides one of the best musical investments you can make.

As a sidenote, famous music critic Robert Christgau gave this album an A+ as well. Although I will forever be mad at him for giving my favorite Genesis albums Cs (Cs?!!! Come on Christgau!!!! How could you give "Foxtrot" a C?!!!), I like him more seeing that he can at least love this.

A+ (I use letter grades now)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deep Sea Recovery Efforts: Steve Burns + The Struggle, 2009

Once again, Steve Burns proves he can do no wrong. His debut, "Songs for Dustmites" was amazing, and as close to perfect as possible for a debut. Seeing as his first album set such a high bar, I thought his second album would be pretty disappointing. But I was horribly wrong.
I'm not completely sure this has even been released yet. A fan website has the tracks up for listening (and if you have Quicktime 7 Pro you can download them), and there are multiple file-sharing websites that have them up, but I've found no indication that this has been officially released. I will certainly be buying it as soon as it's released, but for now we're all gonna have to depend on this: This has most of the songs that have surfaced (I can find 9 altogether on various sites including this one).
But anyway, this is different from "Songs For Dustmites", drastically in some ways, and slightly in others. Steve has an official band now (The Struggle, with Steven Drozd (!) of The Flaming Lips (!!!) on the drums, plus others), and the way they play is a bit different from the Steve Burns-Steven Drozd-Michael Ivins lineup of the debut. The production is also different, there's a LOT of bass in it. Seems like they use a fuzz bass for every song that has a bass. The drums are also way up too, and the vocals are usually reverbed or distorted, which surprisingly makes an awesome effect. The song style is also different as on "Songs For Dustmites". "Songs For Dustmites" was roughly 30% acoustic-ish, and 70% psychedelic/alternative/space rock. On this album there's only one song that stays acoustic throughout the whole song (Lords of Cobble Hill), and the other two that are acoustic to start (A Slightly Bigger Space and A Very Troubled Day) continue into rockers.
And then there's the actual rockers: Projecting, The Unbeliever, Strange, The Newton Creek Song, Tiger Tiger (The Angie Song), and Leviticus (my favorite off of the album). Strange is a cover of the Galaxie 500 song (he introduces it live with "This is a song I wish I wrote"), and turns it into a psychedelic space rock song rather than an indie garage band song. He'd been doing The Unbeliever since at least 2004, and it's a classic, one that really stands out. The same goes for Projecting. The Newton Creek Song is an awesome one that recalls "Songs For Dustmites". Tiger Tiger (The Angie Song) is my second favorite, an extremely melodic song that serves as this album's "Maintain" (A track from "Songs For Dustmites"). Last, but certainly not least, is Leviticus. It's an attack of drums, fuzz bass, swirling synthesizer, and a heavily distorted vocal, but it's the most overlooked track on the album. In my opinion the best on the album.
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Press release: 2011!

Hey everybody
It's been a while since I've done a review, I've been busy with school and stuff
But I'm back! And it's 2011!
And I'm gonna try to do more reviews
But I recently decided on my top 6 favorite bands/musicians of all time:
1. The Beatles
2. David Bowie
3. The Flaming Lips
4. Genesis
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Peter Gabriel (Solo)