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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Development- EP: The Development, 2010

This is not online. This is not released. There is one copy in the state of Florida alone, and a couple in Maine. I, at the moment, posess the only copy in Florida. Tomorrow I will give it back to my friend Tucker. It'll be on YouTube soon. But with four songs, they manage to make hardcore music just a little bit better. With the DIY aspect of it, they went from using laptops in their houses to a recording studio, and pumped out 4 original songs. And then Tucker (The drummer) left for Florida.
But anyway, The Development was as polished as a hardcore band can get. They played "melodic punk" (A quote from Tucker), a close mix to the style of Black Flag mixed with Green Day. I would have bought this. This is the kind of demo you send to a record label.
I'm gonna give this 3 amd a half out of 5 stars. Not the best, but really good for a band made up of high school kids that had been together for 6 months.

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