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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Trick of the Tail: Genesis, 1976

In 1975, one of the worst things happened to Genesis: Peter Gabriel quit. This set them back quite a bit. Step one for them after Gabriel quit was of course to find a new singer. A rumoured 500 people auditioned. Only one came close. Mike Stanton was brought in, but after singing along (They had recorded all the backing tracks), it was realized that he couldn't sing in that key. This was not good. There was only one last option: Phil Collins. The man behind the drum kit had been singing background for Peter Gabriel since 1971. After a while, they convinced Collins to try it out, and of course he just happened to be perfect. With that said, I'm not sure Peter Gabriel would have even sounded well on this album. Unlike the previous "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", this was focused on their instrumental ability rather than Gabriel's fantastic lyrics. This is also too far different from "The Lamb..." in its medevial-sounding instruments and Collins' bard-ish vocals. It's closer to that of a sequel to "Selling England By the Pound" from 1973. Still, Genesis were able to prove that they could be great without Peter Gabriel,and they got back on track with one of their best albums.
Four and a half stars.

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