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Saturday, October 2, 2010


I can't sem to figure out how to respond to comments, so I'll just do it here.
Mr. Pippen: I have already seen most of the videos from "So" and around that period, and along with David Bowie, his video's are some of the best of that era. "Sledgehammer", "Big Time", "Shock the Monkey", "Solsbury Hill", and "Games Without Frontiers" (The only version that I could find of the last one was a version with a moody alternate version) are great. I highly reccomend you check out David Bowie's late 70's and early 80's work with David Mallet; "Ashes To Ashes", "Fashion", "Look Back In Anger", "DJ", and "Boys Keep Swinging" are wonderfully haunting.
And as to your second comment, now that I reconsider Jack Bruce's playing, you're probably right. He is better than I thought; Eric Clapton kind of just drowned him out (On a second note though, I don't think Clapton actually played to his best ability on Cream recordings. I've never heard a Cream song with a solo or anything I couldn't handle myself on the guitar, yet once Cream broke up, he was playing mind-boggling solos left and right)
And on a slightly unrelated note, Ginger Baker should be declared legally insane.
Thank you for the comments.

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  1. i agree. those videos are amazing, especially "sledgehammer". if you liked that video/stop motion animation in general, check out some other stuff by the brothers quay, the guys who directed the video.