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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skylarking: XTC, 1986

After their Dukes of Stratosphear albums, the members of XTC were ready for a fresh new start. Previous XTC albums were marred by the inescapable truth that no matter how hard they tried, it was extremely hard for them to write a really serious song. After the Dukes albums, they realized that they could write silly songs AND make them good. They also did discover how to write serious songs, but their majestic fantasy world is what really made this album great. Opening with the bookend effect that comes from "Summers Cauldron" to "Grass", many songs would have recurring themes and transitions. No songs go to waste; only one or two of the sixteen or so songs far short of excellent. Going from pop to new wave to jazz and back, they kept every song alive and kicking with a highly original riff or melody, and Todd Rundgren's psychedelic production makes this XTC album the closest one to perfect.
Five stars.

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