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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sea Change: Beck, 2002

This is often called Beck's heartbreak album, and for good reason. Much like other "heartbreak" albums, basically every song is a sad lament. Which is slightly true. Only a few aren't in sad minor keys, but those that are mnake sure to let you know that Beck Hansen was pretty dying of sadness when he wrote them. To give you an idea about what the album is through use of the songs: Beck may be in "The Golden Age", but he's become a "Lost Cause" standing on the "Side of the Road" "Round the Bend" in the "Sunday Sun" at the "End of the Day" making a "Paper Tiger" because he can't cry "Lonesome Tears" anymore. When the "Little One" asks him, he just says "Guess I'm Doing Fine", because he tells himself "It's All In Your Mind" because his heart is "Already Dead".
There. That was every song title. It may not make much sense, but that's what he gave me to use.
All in all, this album really shows that despite all the weird but great indie-rap fusion of his other albums, Beck becomes a serious musician when sad. My point: This really has to be in anyone's CD collection. Just try not to cry.
Five stars.

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