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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Song Comparison: "Behind the Lines" by Genesis and "Behind the Lines" by Phil Collins

These are two classic versions of the same classic song. The Genesis version is from their 1980 album "Duke", while the version by their frontman/drummer Phil Collins is from his 1981 debut solo album "Face Value". The Genesis is a dramatic art rock piece, with a fast, upbeat intro, which progresses into the slower singing part. The Phil Collins version faster and funkier. Of the two, I prefer the version by Genesis. The intro on the Genesis version is great, and (Despite not really having the same melody as the verses) it kind of leads into the verses. The Phil Collins version is a bit faster, but a little disapointing when compared to the version he did on his "No Ticket Required" tour (Video is on Youtube). Both are awesome. Genesis version: 5 stars. Phil's version: 4 stars.

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