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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So: Peter Gabriel, 1986

Yes, I've been doing too many Peter Gabriel related albums. But I couldn't wait to do this one. At first I thought this would be extremely cheesy because it was a mid-80's album, and it has a mid-80's sound. Not a cheesy sound though; an amazing sound. It's as good as any of his other classics. It still has cosmic dream imagery (Red Rain), and rockin' classics (Sledgehammer). In fact, every song here is classic. Not only does it retain the feel of his earlier albums, as if it was a mixture of the african rythms of Peter Gabriel (Third album, AKA Melt) and the nervous synths of Peter Gabriel (Fourth album, AKA Security), it also brings in a new, more ambient, spacey sound (Thanks to noted ambient producer Daniel Lanois, who is best known for being producing buddy with none other than ambient music's most legendary legend, Mr. Brian Eno). It makes this album have a special sense about it that none of the other albums ever had. Five stars

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  1. Love this album. One of the best ones released in the '80s. I still listen to "Sledgehammer" regularly. I know it's outside the parameters of your blog. . .but take a look at Gabriel's music videos from that period. Incredibly inventive and creative. We tend to look at Lady Gaga's videos today and think that creativity started today. Not so when you see what Gabriel was doing in the '80s.