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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Aim Is True: Elvis Costello, 1977

This is a classic album. Featuring a lot of my favorite Costello songs, this is probably my favorite Elvis Costello album. Not quite punk, not quite new wave, I'm not sure any genre. It does include punk and new wave, but also rockabilly and blues. It features some great bassists (Andrew Bodnar, Nick Lowe). Anyway, here's the track by track review.
1. Welcome To the Working Week: 10/10. One of my favorite songs. Sadly, it's horribly short.
2. Miracle Man: 10/10. Another classic that focus on the country and rockabilly influences.
3. No Dancing: 10/10. This one focuses on the style of music that Costello would be making in the early 80's.
4. Blame It On Cain: 10/10. Another rockabilly type number featuring top notch guitar, and one of Costello's fisrt to have effects not created by guitars, vocals, keyboards, or drums.
5. Alison: 8/10. A slower one, and not one of my favorites.
6. Sneaky Feelings: 9/10. Another good uptempo numbers that draws on the music played by the generations before him.
7. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes: 10/10. One of my favorites, this one is a good example of the music Costello was playing at this point.
8. Less Than Zero: 10/10. A nicely controversial song (Most every record has one). Not about Lee Harvey Oswald, but some british politician.
9. Mystery Dance: 10/10. A nice fast-paced number that has a lot of rockabilly in it.
10. Pay It Back: 8/10. Another song that kind of reminds me of the more famous Elvis.
11. I'm Not Angry: 9/10. The only truly angry sounding song on here.
12. Waiting For the End of the World: 10/10. Another of my favorites, this has one of the best guitar riffs on the album.
13. Watching the Detectives (US Release Only): 10/10. My first Costello song. The best bassline ever on a Costello album.
Five stars. Great!!

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