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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway: Genesis, 1974

Although often called Genesis's best effort, I don't agree. It is their second best. But that still makes it an amazing concept album. It tells the horribly confusing story of Rael, a half puerto rican, who becomes a victim of Peter Gabriel's mind in times square. Well, not exactly. You'd have to read the story for yourself (It's in the CD booklet, but I'm sure you could find it online). The whole reason for the story is that he's trying to find and save his brother John from the strange world they've been sucked into. The songs tell the story with incredible detail, and the original title track theme is repeated constantly through the album. Although confusing, it's a great listen. Peter Gabriel's lyrics and vocals are at their peak, and the rest of the band is phenomenal, except for lead guitarist Steve Hackett, whose role seems horribly diminished. My favorite concept album (Barely overtaking "Tommy" by The Who, because of sheer lyrical ability. Sorry Mr. Townshend. Your lyrics are good too, though.) Five stars.

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