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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embryonic: The Flaming Lips, 2009

This time I'm going to do a simple, short and sweet review. Like the professionals do.
The Flaming Lips released their highly anticipated twelfth album in late 2009. I've listened to it, but not much really stands out to me. There are many good things about it though; It is very original, and it has some very good songs on it. People have said that it compares to the style of Miles Davis, John Lennon, and Joy Division. Miles Davis is jazzy, John Lennon is cheery, and Joy Division are suicidally deppressed. This is...there is no word for what this is. I'm not saying it's bad, but really, The Sex Pistols sound more like Miles Davis than this does. Maybe I could understand if it wasn't so strangely mixed. It sounds like they just threw some random effects down on it. But at least their "Dark Side of the Moon" cover album sounds better. I expect the next one to be better produced, guys.
Two and a half out of five. You let us down, Wayne, Michael, Steven, and Kliph. Way down man.

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