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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Stooges: The Stooges, 1969

This could be the first punk album of all time, and if not, directly influenced just about every punk band to follow. Released in 1969 by Elektra records, it peaked at 106 on the US Billboard charts. This has been cited as a direct influence to The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, and those are just two that I can remember the names of. Here's the track by track.
1. 1969: 10/10. Iggy doesn't care that it's 1969. Another year for him and someone else with nothing to do. This is the most basic Stooges track, but is still awesome. Best wah wah ever. I bought a wah wah pedal just to play this song.
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog: 10/10. Another typical Stooges track. Still is absolutely awesome. Listen to the one note piano line by producer John Cale.
3. We Will Fall: 8/10. This is a weird dirge. 10 minutes of "Oh gi ran ja... ran ja ja ran...", with strange vocals over it. It's still a good song, but not the best. Quoted by Sonic Youth in the beginning of "Teen Age Riot".
This would be the beginning of side two on the record, but all of these reviews are of albums on compact disc. Yes, I know what a record is. I have a record player in my room that I asked for for christmas a couple years ago, and I have probably 50 records I've collected myself.
4. No Fun: 10/10. The quintessential Stooges song. Covered by the Sex Pistols and numerous others. A cool quitar line. Ron Asheton was one of the best guitarists of all time. Listen to his improvised solos in almost every song the Stooges did.
5. Real Cool Time: 10/10. A great hidden gem. Deserves to be as well known as "No Fun". One of the best wah wah songs on the album. One of my personal favorites.
6. Ann: 8/10. A weird slow song. It's still not great.
7. Not Right: 10/10. One of my other favorite songs. Cool shuffling beat. The solo is awesome.
8. Little Doll: 10/10. The only slow song that really comes through. Another favorite of mine.
This album is an epic milestone in music. Extremely essential. Five stars of five.

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