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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Station to Station: David Bowie, 1976

This is, without a doubt, the best Bowie album. Apparently he was on so much cocaine he doesn't remember the album. Nevertheless, this album takes the funk and groove of "Young Americans", and pairs it with the experimentation he would do on "Low", "Heroes", and "Lodger" with Brian Eno. Here's a track by track look.
1. Station to Station: 10/10. An amazing medley of styles, this track is one of Bowie's top ten best.
2. Golden Years: 10/10. The most "Young Americans"-like track on the album, this was the hit single (#10). Got him on the TV show "Soul Train", one of the few people to be on the show that wasn't african-american.
3. Word On a Wing: 9/10. Almost a hymn, this is the weakest track on the album, and still is stronger than many others.
4. TVC 15. 20/10. Yes, 20 out of 10. This is probably the best Bowie song. Based on a dream his pal Iggy (Yes, Iggy Pop. Bowie saved his career, and they became best friends) had where his girlfriend was eaten by a TV set. I wish it was longer...
5. Stay: 10/10. A great rocker. Great to play on the guitar. There's an awesome verison on the live album "Stage".
6. Wild Is the Wind: 10/10. An amazing cover of a song by Dimitri Tomkin and Ned Washington. Originally recorded by Johnny Mathis, and covered by Nina Simone, with the latter inspiring Bowie to do a cover.
This album could not get any better. I cannot wait for the Deluxe Edition remix, due out late 2010. Five discs, and a 5.1 stereo remix. That might make this album better. Maybe.

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