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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rattus Norvegicus: The Stranglers, 1977

This is The Stranglers' first album, and is one of the best of the punk era. Strangely, it doesn't even really seem like punk. They seem like too good musicians. This is really the only Stranglers album that is really punk. Released in 1977, it reached #4 on the UK album charts, and eventually went platinum. This is probably my favorite Stranglers album, with some of my favorite Stranglers songs (Peaches, Grip, and my favorite Stranglers song, London Lady). This album also very prominently features Jean-Jacques Burnel's amazing bass work (I especially like this, being a bassist myself). Here's the track by track review.
1. Sometimes: 9/10. A good example of early Stranglers work, this song is about a violent argument with a girlfriend.
2. Goodbye Toulouse: 9/10. A good song about Nostradamus's prediction of the destruction of the french city of Toulouse. Don't worry, it's still there.
3. London Lady: 10/10. As I said above probably my favorite Stranglers track, along with "The Raven", "5 Minutes", and "Dagenham Dave". The most punk of them all.
4. Princess of the Streets: 9/10. A good bluesy song, featuring a great bass intro by Burnel. Known as "Pre-Stranglers". A good example of how the Stranglers were usually not punk.
5. Hanging Around: 10/10. A good song about the people who came to Stranglers concerts. Not only a classic Stranglers tune, a classic rock song altogether, beloved by even those who hate The Stranglers.
6. Peaches: 10/10. One of my favorites. About walking along on a french beach. The best bass line and the best drumming of the album. Awesome to watch them do live in the 70's.
7. (Get a) Grip (On Yourself): 10/10. Another great Stranglers tune. Awesome saxophone (Although I'm a huge sucker for a sax in a rock song).
8. Ugly: 9/10. The most underrated song on the album. Not quite sure what it's about.
9. Down in the Sewer: 10/10. What most people think of when they think of the Stranglers. Comprises of four sections: Falling/Down In The Sewer/Trying To Get Out Again/Rat's Rally. About living in London, the "Sewer".
A must have for any punk or Stranglers fan. Five stars.

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