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Sunday, July 4, 2010

List Review: Top 100 Guitarists of all time

This is a highly contreversial list. Here's my opinion of whether or not the people belong there, although I only put the people I know how good or bad they are, so it skips people a bit.
1Jimi Hendrix: Yes
2 Duane Allman: Yes.
3 B.B. King: Yes.
4 Eric Clapton: Yes.
5 Robert Johnson: No.
9 Jimmy Page: Yes
10 Keith Richards: Yes.
12 Kurt Cobain: No way. He is no where near good enough to even be on this list.
13 Jerry Garcia: Yes
14 Jeff Beck: Yes .
15 Carlos Santana: Yes
16 Johnny Ramone: Yes. It's extremely hard to play all downstrokes (No strumming). If you try to play Ramones songs right, your hand hurts in about 30 seconds even if you have experience.
17 Jack White: Much lower.
21 George Harrison: Higher.
24 The Edge: Yes
25 Freddy King: Yes
27 Mark Knopfler: Higher.
29 Ron Asheton: Higher.
33 & 34 Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore: Yes to both.
37 Bo Diddley: Yes.
38 Peter Green: Yes
39 Brian May: Yes.
40 John Fogerty: Yes
42 Robert Fripp: Top 5. He is amazing.
45 Frank Zappa: Should be top 15.
46 Les Paul: A little higher.
48 Joe Perry: Yes.
50 Pete Townshend: A little higher.
52 Lou Reed: I'm not sure. The only really good guitar song I have by him is "The Blue Mask", but I've heard about an insane solo by him on the only Velvet Underground album I don't have.
56 Tom Verlaine: Should be way higher.
58 Dickey Betts: Yes.
64 Mick Ronson: Should be way higher.
70 Eddie Van Halen: Yes.
80 Robert Quine: Higher.
82 David Gilmour: Higher.
88 Dave Davies: Yes.
91 Robby Krieger: I Used to think he was average. He's really good. Higher.
92 & 93 Fred "Sonic" Smith, Wayne Kramer: Yes.
96 Angus Young: Higher.
99 Greg Ginn: He deserves better than this. Just because he was in a independent hardcore band doesn't mean he isn't good. Higher.
That's my review. If you don't like it, that's just too bad.

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