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Monday, July 5, 2010

List Review: Rolling Stone's Top 100 Artists of All Time

Okay, this is the same deal as the guitarists list. I'm only commenting on the people I know enough about.
1. The Beatles - Definitely. No question about it.
2. Bob Dylan - Not sure. Top 10, but not #2.
3. Elvis Presley - No. He should be way lower. Somewhere in the 50's.
4. Rolling Stones - Yeah. I don't like them, but I'm sure they deserve to be here.
5. Chuck Berry - Yes. He basically invented the rock and roll style.
6. Jimi Hendrix - Best guitarist of all time. Yes.
8. Little Richard - Yes.
10. Ray Charles - Yes.
11. Bob Marley - Yes.
12. The Beach Boys - I'm not sure. If they hadn't made "Pet Sounds", they wouldn't be on this list at all. Mid 20's.
14. Led Zeppelin - Yes.
17. Muddy Waters - Yes.
19. The Velvet Underground - Much higher. Top 10. Basically every one of their songs inspired a sub-genre, and they basically started punk, noise, and alternative rock, and every sub-genre to come off of those 3.
22. U2 - Yes.
26. The Ramones - Higher. They were most likely the first punk band, and if not, the first punk band to make punk well known.
27. Nirvana - Rolling Stone loves Nirvana. They are extremely overrated, and only because Kurt Cobain killed himself. Even if Cobain was still alive, he probably would refuse to be on this list, and would probably put either the Meat Puppets, The Raincoats, or The Vaselines, or some other random indie band. I can't choose one of those, because I only listen to the Meat Puppets.
29. The Who - Higher.
30. The Clash - Higher.
38. John Lennon - I'm not quite sure. I would certainly put Paul McCartney's solo stuff before Lennon's.
39. David Bowie - Are you kidding? #2 without a doubt.
40. Simon and Garfunkel - Yes.
41. The Doors - Top 30.
43. Sly and the Family Stone - Yes.
44. Public Enemy - Not sure. My cousin thinks they're great, and he likes rock. I'll go with them being in the 70's or 80's.
47. Patti Smith - Higher. Helped inspire the british punk scene.
53. Eric Clapton - Switch him with Cream. Clapton had a wildly inconsistent solo career, in which half of his stuff was crap and the other half was sheer brilliance, and Cream was awesome all the time.
57. Aerosmith - Yes.
58. Sex Pistols - Higher. Extremely influential, and really good as a band.
63. Phil Spector - No. He's known for producing. I know he was in some band in the 50's, but no.
64. The Kinks - Yes.
66. Cream - As I said, switch with Clapton solo.
70. The Police - Higher. Great Reggae-Punk fusion.
71. Frank Zappa - Higher. Nobody realizes how great he was. Make it Frank Zappa/ Mothers of Invention, though.
72. AC/DC - Yes, although they were horrible after "For Those About To Rock We Salute You".
78. The Stooges - So much higher. So influential. So awesome. So crazy.
80. Elvis Costello - Higher. A great songwriter.
85. Black Sabbath - Yes.
88. Miles Davis - Yes. The only jazz guy on here, though. Where's John Coltrane?!
89. The Yardbirds - Yes.
90. Carlos Santana - Yes.
92. Guns n Roses - No. I hate this band. Nothing they did was good. Not even "Welcome To the Jungle".
98. Roxy Music - Higher. Inspired most punk bands. Great avant-rock.
100. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Higher. I don't listen to him, but I know his legacy.

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