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Sunday, July 4, 2010

H to He, Who Am the Only One: Van Der Graaf Generator, 1970

This probably the best of the many virtually unknown art rock/ progressive rock albums of the seventies. Van Der Graaf Generator can be mostly compared to King Crimson (Robert Fripp guested on a few Van Der Graaf Generator albums), as both bands used woodwinds and organs more than most other bands of that time. This is a great album, and sums up the style of this band. Here's the track by track review.

1. Killer: 10/10. A killer track (Bad pun). Makes good use of singer Peter Hamill's dynamic vocal range.
2. House With No Door: 8/10. A good piano-driven song featuring great drumming and a cool melodic bass line.
3. The Emperor In His War Room: 10/10. The best song on the album. It features two parts, "The Emperor" and "The Room". Features Robert Fripp on guitar with an awesome solo.
4. Lost: 10/10. Also features two parts, "The Dance In Sand and Sea" and "The Dance In the Frost". A very good track. The beginning sounds like Gustav Holst's suite "The Planets".
5. Pioneers Over C. : 9/10. A very good song. The title refers to the speed of light.
Overall a very good album. Highly reccomended.

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