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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Comparison: "Peter Gabriel" (AKA "Melt") to "Scary Monsters"

These are two very similar albums. Peter Gabriel's third album, again untitled, featured a melting face on the cover, hence the nickname "Melt", which hinted at the fact that he was changeing his music. Bowie's "Scary Monsters", also showed how his music had changed. Both albums peaked at #1 in the UK charts, with similar sucess in the US charts (Scary Monsters peaked at #12 in the US charts, with "Melt" peaking at #22). Both also featured hit singles (Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" peaked at #1 in the UK, as did Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers"), and other instant classics ("Fashion", by Bowie, a top five single, and Gabriel's "Biko", a top 40 hit). While Gabriel began to use more African music, while Bowie started to use a sound like the New Wave and New Romantics movements.
These are two classic albums. Five stars for each.

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